Welcome to RS4 (Maintenance Mode)

Message from $iLeo { For those that have been here before - Welcome back! I've decided to bring RS4 back.. I know a lot of people used this for its variety of services. I intend to have them all recoded very soon! I lost all the files when the site last went down. Silly me forgot to keep the backups. But it's no matter anyway. I was intending to do a mass recode. Most of it was out of date anyway. So It'd be nice to see a few faces. I'll unlock the website.. Once I've got the basics coded (Messaging, login etc) See you soon! ♥ :: If you're new here.. Welcome! }

Firstly! Welcome! It's nice to see you here on RS4 -- Sadly we're currently in maintenance mode! Which means you won't get to see we what we have to offer.. If you need to contact us; Use the button below.